The Worst Thing You Can Say to Someone With Cancer

I receive so many positive comments and messages that provide me with the strength to endure some of the darkest moments of having cancer.  For these messages - I am eternally grateful. But sometimes, despite the best intentions, people say the wrong thing.  No one wants to be THAT person so what is the worst thing you can say to someone with cancer?

What strikes a nerve with me (and I'm sure this differs among people with cancer) is being told "miracles happen."  Ummmm what?!  Why do I need a miracle?  I need science.  I need medicine.  I need a great health care team.  But I do not need a miracle. 

Perhaps it's because we think of cancer as a disease that takes lives and therefore you need a miracle to survive.  There are SO many different types of cancer - some with awful endings but others with cures.  So before we pray for a miracle - lets see if modern medicine has the answer.