Back to Chemo Jail

Going through these cycles of chemo is awful.  You fight and struggle to get to a point where you feel like yourself again - just in time to go back and start another cycle.  

This past week (week before chemo cycle #3), I felt great.  Not a 100%; as I'm still late to get up in the morning and back in bed resting usually by 8pm.  But able to leave the house on my own, go shopping, my appetite is back, and I spend most of the time laughing and joking.  Life feels so wonderful when you are let out of chemo prison.  

The trouble is going back for another cycle.  It's true that each cycle is different but the honest truth is that each cycle is a different kind of awful.  So the Sunday before chemo, I'm resting as much as I can, preparing for the sick days to come, and doing things I enjoy.  Soaking up each chemo free hour.

amydee [pharmd]