Just Hair

Loosing my hair is traumatic.

It started yesterday.  Not in clumps really (or at least not yet) just every time I touch my hair or run my fingers through it, 5 strands fall out.  My scalps hurts too, like the feeling you get when you've used too much hair gel then you try to move your hair around hours later.  It feel likes that every time I touch my hair.

People's reaction to hair loss is so interesting.  Many will say, "It's just hair, it will grow back."  Yes - it will grow back but come on...it's not "just hair."  We connect so much of beauty and identity to hair that it's SO beyond "just hair."  If you are really going to say that to someone then you better be willing to shave your own hair off.  I bet most people aren't willing...

Can I even pull off being bald?  I feel like for some women, this could be an incredible opportunity for a fashion statement.  Or is the shave head so 1990 grundge?  I suppose it doesn't really matter because I am about to find out.