The Most Tired I Have Ever Been

I feel like I talk about the fatigue associated with chemo treatments SO much but I realized I have never written about it here!  It has been such a huge barrier for me that it deserves mentioning and it's own post.

The fatigue is like taking the day you did the most manual labor.  For me, this was a day I helped my dad (cattle rancher) move cows between pastures and hold a branding.  It was windy, dirty, and hot.  At the end of the day, everything ached.  If I take this day, times it by 100, then have the feeling that my body now weighs double the actual amount... it might comes close to the level of fatigue chemo caused me.  It's like your entire body is plastered to a bed and even rolling over or walking across your house is an enormous amount of work.

I use to hear people with cancer complain about fatigue all the time.  I would suggest what literature or experts suggest: moderate exercise and good hydration.  In hind site, this is so stupid!  Exercise!  I can barely move my leg off of the bed.  I tried 'exercise' but for me, this was completing three sun salutation yoga movements.  That's it.  That's a huge difference from what I normally consider exercise (as a nationally ranked powerlifter, it usually means putting upwards of 300lbs on my back).  It's just not a helpful or practical recommendation.

That is the beauty of having a cancer diagnosis and walking through the hell that is chemo.  I am now heading into a phase of my career where I am going to be SO much more helpful to my patients.