Connecting Women Living with Cancer in Rural and Remote Areas – Breast Cancer Healthline App  

I am blessed to be a prairie girl.  Growing up in the country has honestly given me my most admirable qualities: hard working and determine.  But there’s a downside to living in a rural community – you are in the middle of nowhere!  It might be beautiful.  It might be peaceful.  But it is also nowhere close to anything or anyone.  This is a big problem when you are diagnosed with cancer - leaving many women feeling alone.

As a pharmacist, I’m always thinking about how we can improve access to people in rural and remote areas (people in my home town).  When you look around and don’t see any women who are fighting alongside you, how can you connect with women who understand what you are going through? 

The Breast Cancer Healthline App does just that.  By filling out a short profile, this free app electronically connects women based on their concerns and interests.  I am literally sitting in Saskatchewan, chatting with a woman in Santa Cruz, California.  We are hundreds of miles apart but share the same concerns, frustrations, hopes and were individually connected with one another based on those qualities.  That’s what I love about the Breast Cancer Healthline App.

The Breast Cancer Healthline App doesn’t assume every breast cancer fighter is the same…JUST because they have breast cancer.  There are different stages, different ages, different treatment, different side effects.  You are matched with other fighters based on a short survey which helps you find other women you can relate to the most – no matter where those women are located geographically. If you don’t want to chat one-on-one, no problem! You can join one of the group chats on a variety of different topics - my favourite - ‘Women Behind the Ribbon’ (education, advocacy, impact)!

The Breast Cancer Healthline App has literally busted open the concept of a breast cancer support group.  No more searching and driving to find an in-person support group, only to find women who might not even be able to related to.  Instead download the app for free and start connecting now.


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