Connecting Surviv(her)s – Breast Cancer Healthline App

            Since being diagnosed with the big C, all my efforts surrounding cancer have been focused in a few key areas.  Areas that I believe, will make a difference in the lives of women fighting cancer.  Support the much-needed research that will eventually find a cure and connect young female cancer survivors.  

            Connecting survivors isn’t as straight forward as you would think.  The problem is that a lot of people or organizations treat all cancer fighters the same.  You have cancer therefore you should be able to connect.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  How am I, as a 30 year old female with ovarian cancer supposed to connect with a 70 year old man with prostate cancer?  It’s just not going to be the same cancer experience.  There needs to be a way to connect cancer fighters who are dealing with the same side effects or undergoing the same surgery.

            Cue the Breast Cancer Healthline App.  This is a FREE app that connects women fighting breast cancer based on their individual interests and concerns.  Within minutes of downloading the app, I was chatting with survivors from all over the world who were facing the same issues I am (long-standing effects of my surgery, healing relationships post diagnosis).  These women just get it!  It’s amazing to not have to explain yourself or what you are facing because the women you are connected with have all been there too. Breast Cancer Healthline treats every woman as a unique cancer fighter – just the way it should be.  

            Over the next month, I’ve partnered with Breast Cancer Healthline to share with you my first-hand experience.  I’ll be exploring different features within the app, hosting an In-app live discussion, and sharing the connections made to help with my life after cancer.

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