Oh Hey! I’m Amydee PharmD

I’m a small-town Canadian cancer pharmacist turned cancer survivor, educator, and storyteller with a heart that helps and heals. People often refer to me as the fighter that was diagnosed too young but took back her life from cancer. I’m obsessed with: lifting weights, puppy snuggles, and gummy candy. Read on for the rest of my story.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 30. How can that be possible?

But I wasn't always a cancer crusader…

I had just finished a doctorate in oncology pharmacy. Then my entire world stopped.

Six weeks after marrying my dream boy, I discovered I had a tumor the size of a football - ovarian cancer. Through surgery, chemo, the nausea, the hair loss, I learned more about cancer than I ever had before. I have a 360 degree understanding of cancer care.

Now I use my experience as a cancer fighter and knowledge as an oncology pharmacist to help others fight cancer. As an oncology pharmacist and cancer fighter, I’ve been named CBC’s Future 40 and showcased on Global National TV and CBC National Radio.   

You are an amazing woman. Thank you for the information. We are just at the beginning of options with chemo. I really appreciate your help.
— Lisa

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